Everyday Spanish for Teachers (Preschool Teachers)

Everyday Spanish for Teachers (Preschool Teachers)

About this workshop

Do you wish you:

  • knew some Spanish for your classes but don’t know a word?
  • knew a song or game in Spanish to play with your students?

Do you want to:

  • bring deeper respect for other cultures by introducing a new language?
  • integrate Spanish with your curriculum with minimal effort?
  • include some Spanish in your daily schedule with your class?


This workshop has been designed for teachers who have little or no experience with the Spanish language. During the workshop, teachers will play, sing, dance and enjoy puppet shows together! At the end of the session, you will have a bag full of ideas and ready to use with your students. All participants will receive a CD with songs and games to play in class and a CD with sentences that can be used in your daily classroom routine. This is a very interactive learning session!


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