What is 1-2-3 Spanish Together™?

1-2-3 Spanish Together™ is a fun Spanish program designed to expose little ones and their families to a new language and culture in a natural environment.


What is your methodology?

Our classes are full of energy. We follow the natural approach to expose families to Spanish. That means the children and parents will be listening to the language while playing, singing, and having family time. Our program also focuses on the use of a lot of movement activities to connect the language to actions. This method is called TPR (Total Physical Response) and is used by many foreign language teachers around the world.


My baby is 6 months old. Is he/she to young to participate in the program?

Studies have shown that the earlier a child is exposed to another language the better!


Will my child become fluent by taking the program?

The sessions are 45 minutes per week (30 minutes of instruction + 15 minutes of playgroup). The program includes a CD with games, activities and phrases parents can use at home with their little ones. By being part of the program, your child will be exposed to different sounds that are not available in English and this will give him/her the basis to start building a new language. Different researches have also shown that being exposed to new language help children with their neural linguistic development and social skills.


What will we do in class?

We will have a lot of fun while exposing the little ones to a new language. This is a very high-energy class. We will sing, dance, play, enjoy puppet shows, and move a lot – all in Spanish. You and your little one will be immersed in a new experience – playing with parachutes, riding horses, playing with instruments, tossing colorful scarves to the rhythm of a Latino song and more.


Why a mixed-age class?

This is a mixed-age is class. The program is designed in a way that allows us to teach different levels at once with activities that are parent-child oriented. Families have fun time together while learning Spanish. Older children also serve as role model to the little ones, and at the same time they explore their sense of leadership. The seating also allows children to develop a sense of community while stimulating their self-esteem.


Do you do the same every class?

Since the program is an early exposure to a foreign language, repetition is required. It doesn’t mean we will do the same every class but we will have a routine and introduce the same topics in different ways. There are a number of songs, games, activities, and phrases in Spanish that families will learn every season.


Will children stay still for 35 minutes?

Our classes are done in a very informal setting. We do not expect the little ones to stay in one place during the whole class. We also have a lot of activities that invite little ones and adults to move around the room. Children are free to move around the room and come back to the circle any time. And don’t forget that little ones grow up by moving!!!


Parent and caregiver participation

It is important that parents and caregivers participate actively in class to generate a safe and relaxed learning environment. This is also an important key to having a successful and fun class. Also remember that this is a family activity so grandmas and grandpas, etc. are welcome too!


English or Spanish?

Since 1-2-3 Spanish Together™ is an early exposure program for families and children, Spanish will be the key language in the class. It doesn’t mean that parents or children should be fluent in Spanish, but parents will be able to serve as role models for children to use Spanish in class and at home. During class we will learn songs, games, useful phrases and enjoy puppet shows as one big family. This will be a fun way to be exposed to another language, brush up, practice, or speak their native language in a social environment. Bring your Spanish skills to class and be ready to learn a lot without any pressure!


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