Enrichment program for daycare centers and preschoolers

Let 1-2-3 Spanish Together ™ enrich your curriculum!!!

Energetic classes based on research and practice

Our classes are full of energy and a lot of games, songs, and time for children to make music with traditional instruments from Latin America – creating a natural environment for children to learn Spanish while having fun together. It basically works as mini-foreign language immersion linked to the things children love to do. Thanks to our experience teaching and creating curriculum in Colombia and The United States, we use TPR (Total Physical Response), which involves connecting the language to movement, and we also tap into Multiple Intelligence Theory to reach as many children as deeply as possible. These approaches also create a safe environment for children to enjoy the class.

Linking with education provided by teachers and parents

We work closely with teachers to link our curriculum to the school curriculum. As experienced teachers we know the importance of having a meaningful curriculum for your school.

Opportunities for full family involvement

We also understand that it’s important for parents and caregivers to get involved with the program. We provide parents with a guide of activities we do in class to extend the experience of learning a new language at home. Parents can also visit 1-2-3 Spanish Together™’s website to learn phrases and new songs to sing at home. Since consistency is also important, 1-2-3 Spanish Together™ provides teachers materials to use in the classroom. These include a set of two CD’s. One is full of songs and games to play in class. The other CD is full of sentences teachers can learn to introduce in their daily interaction with their students.

About each class

Each class is 25 to 30 minutes one or two times per week.

Children are encouraged to expend lots of energy by singing in Spanish, dancing, playing with scarves & parachutes, and creating music with traditional instruments.

A new unit is introduce every few classes. Units are linked and revised using the “spiral approach” to curriculum design.


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