Workshops for teachers

Workshops for teachers

Our workshops are offered in a fun, interactive and relaxed environment. Participants will explore language learning in childhood through movement, play, music and simple stories. We will share simple techniques and materials that you can put to immediate use!

We are currently offering the following workshops:

  1. Ready, Set, Go: This workshop is designed for teachers who are looking for new ideas to bring to their classrooms, and are employed in a school setting.
  2. Teaching Spanish Through Music, Movement and Puppets: During this workshop teachers will explore how music can be used to create a safe environment for young learners as well as creating routines and transitions in the classroom. Teacher will also explore how puppets can be introduced in teaching Spanish. Teachers will write their own songs/stories and create puppets that will go along with their creations. More information.
  3. Everyday Spanish for Teachers: Designed for teachers who would like to bring Spanish to their institution but have no experience with the language. More information.

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