What people are saying…

What people are saying…

My 2-year-old son loves Spanish class and looks forward to Saturday mornings when we go see Carolina. Our family has no previous knowledge of Spanish, but my husband, my son and I have all learned so much. My son loves to use the Spanish he has learned. He will speak Spanish to people we meet (who are Spanish speaking) and they are so happy and impressed with such a little person speaking a second language so easily and so well. In addition to being a fun family activity, I am confident that the foundation in Spanish that 1-2-3 Spanish Together is providing for my son will benefit him for years to come.
S. Murray, Chestnut Hill

We loved it. Wouldn’t have changed a thing. And we’ll do it again!
U. Farrel, Roslindale

My 2-year-old daughter had a wonderful time with 1-2-3 Spanish Together. I didn’t think she would actually absorb much Spanish in such a short time, especially since I don’t know any Spanish and could not reinforce her learning very well. But she learned a lot!
R. Rosi-Kessel, Roslindale

The girls really enjoyed the class and are already asking to go again!
A. Serig, Jamaica Plain

I was shocked when my daughter, out of the blue, started counting in spanish. Then later she began throwing an object up and down screaming “Arriba/Abajo” (up/down).
L. Farone, Roslindale

We had a wonderful time. Its a perfect family time activity that easily translates into everyday, around the house activities. I knew things were really taking flight when my daughter began to breaking spontaneously into Spanish songs even when we were relaxing about the house.
M. Hoffert, Jamaica Plain

Our whole family loves 1-2-3 Spanish Together! My 3 year old sings and my one year old bounces to all the songs, music, and games. We love the class because it gives us a fun Saturday morning family activity, but we can also take what we learn in the class to share as a family during the week. We love belting out a new Spanish song at home that everyone can share. Thanks, Carolina!! We are really going to miss you!
S. Williams, Dorchester

I loved the class, the activities, the songs, the comfortable setting and the warmth of the instructor.
C. Roussin, Jamaica Plain

This class has been a wonderful resource for both me and my daughter – it’s so exciting to learn a new language together, especially in a format as fun and engaging as the 1-2-3 Spanish Together classes. Learning Spanish has been so much fun for Sofie, and it will be a wonderful skill for her to have throughout her life.
K. Watkins, Jamaica Plain

We loved Spanish Together! Carolina was wonderful. Our daughter Ella loved seeing her and the other kids every week. We learned some great Spanish songs and words that we can use everyday at home. Thanks Carolina!
C. James, Brookline

It was an enjoyable experience for both me & my grand child. It was an anchor of the week. It was at a good time after nap & at a convenient location. Carolina, the teacher was very warm & sweet. Perfect for this age child. It was very organized & creative.
D. Bozztuo , Roslindale


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